January 1976 Abe and Esther Dyck created Save-U Family Foods Ltd. upon purchasing the Servu Family Food Store, owned by Frank and Inez Radloff.  Save-U shared the building with a Robinson Store which both leased the building from Servu. 

March 1977 Abe and Esther sold Save-U IGA to Larry and Hazel White and Neil and Beryl Reid.

August 1979 Abe & Esther purchased back Save-U IGA.

1985 Save-U IGA expanded into the entire building (10,000 sq/ft) after purchasing the building from Servu.  Save-U IGA now had a complete new set of refrigeration and a fresh Deli Department was added.  The exterior of the store was also updated with fresh white paint and an accent strip of blue metal siding.  Abe logged many hours during this time as he did the majority of the labor himself.

July 1986 Jarvis began working at the store packing groceries.  Throughout his high school and university years, he gained experience in almost every area of the store. 

1988 Esther purchased Abe's shares of the business and she became the sole owner of the company.

1989 New flooring was installed throughout the store.  A new scanning system was purchased. The switch from manual pricing and cashing to computerized scanning was a huge transition for staff and customers alike.

August 1993 Esther's health began to deteriorate in 1991 and she was diagnosed with ALS (known as Lou Gehrig's disease) at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  She then handed over the business operations to her son, Jarvis Dyck in August 1993.

February 1994 Jarvis bought into Save-U Family Foods Ltd becoming a minority shareholder.

May 1995 Esther passed away on May 12, 1995 leaving the company to her son Jarvis and daughter Anita.  During the following summer, the grocery aisles of the store were each shortened by four feet to allow for more produce display space and new produce tables.

1997 An extensive renovation to the back stockroom (including freezers and walk-in refrigeration), basement, meat and deli departments was completed.  The meat department and the deli counter were both relocated to the rear north corner of the store.  A new deli case was purchased that allowed for better display and sale of product.

1998 Extended store hours began in the spring with the store now open Sundays and evenings.  The bakery section of the store was relocated in front of the dairy and new bakery tables were added.

July 1999 Sandi Diamond (Jarvis' wife 27/04/1996) purchased Anita's share of the company.  Jarvis and Sandi Diamond now are the sole owners of Save-U IGA.

April 2001
New scanning system was installed.

October 2002 The exterior of the store received a new look.  Peaks with new signs were added above both the front and rear entrances.   The entire store was refaced with metal siding and a new garbage bin, cardboard recycling bin and storage area built along the rear of the building.

June 2004  Fifty-six feet of new upright freezers were installed.  The dairy, meat and produce coolers were re-faced to match the new freezers.

October 2004 The interior of the store received a facelift with new colors and signage.

November 2005 Updated the scanning system to integrate with Sobeys head office.

December 2007 New double-decker carts arrived at Save-U IGA!  We purchased two different styles of carts to accommodate the varying needs of customers.

May 2008 Saw the front end receive a much-needed update.  The old pink & gray round turntable-style checkouts were replaced with brand new belt-style checkouts.  New candy and magazine racks completed the makeover.